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CyberSecOn conducts wireless penetration testing to discover vulnerabilities that could be exploited within various wireless technologies within the organisation’s infrastructure. This testing usually requires improvisation of different configurations and security protocols within the wireless network.


We provide solutions to your wireless security needs. We ensure your wireless network is secure so as to prevent it from attacks. This is essential for the protection of sensitive information within the organisation. CyberSecOn scans the wireless networks for misconfigured access points and weak security protocols. We make sure that the wireless technologies within the organisation follow standards and compliances.

Our services include:

  • We provide on-demand scanning of within the network infrastructure.
  • We audit your security monitoring procedures and ensure appropriate incident response tactics are followed.
  • We examine for networks and access points for vulnerabilities.
  • We ensure that your wireless network follows compliance security standards.
  • We provide you with proofs of exploitation and what all information may be compromised as a result. Thereby helping you better understand the risks involved and how to counter it.
  • We prevent unauthorised use of your wireless network.
  • We protect your wireless network with the best encryption and authentication policies.
  • We reduce the risk associated with a vulnerability of your wireless network.
  • We secure your wireless network to your internal network.


  • Versatile testing

Our testing methods are flexible and can be done as per the needs of the businesses. Our testing can be modified to suit your ever-changing business needs. We offer solutions to manage and run security tests as per your convenience.

  • Planned testing

Our security experts can guide you on when to take the security tests after obtaining results from scans and trials. With this managed testing, your business can budget testing costs accordingly.

  • Choice for re-examination.

We provide options to re-test the applications to confirm that the threats have been mitigated and follow compliance standards.

  • Consolidated reports

We provide a consolidated report of all the findings of our security testing in a single report. Making it easier than having multiple reports for multiple issues.

  • Assurance of compliance

We ensure that our security testing of applications follow compliance standards. We also make sure the ongoing security evaluations also adhere to such compliances.

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