Web Application Firewall (WAF)


Recently, there has been an increasing number of attacks made on several e-commerce websites. With continuous changes in businesses and security threats, managing firewalls for organizations can be a stiff challenge. CyberSecOn offers a solution for such attacks with its web application firewall. Our firewall provides a continuous scanning of your applications for potential threats and breaches in compliance. With our easy to install and configure firewalls, you can guarantee uninterrupted protection for your web applications.

Our services include:

  • Implementation, management, up gradation and updating of all the latest patches.
  • We ensure our security policies and configuration are up-to-date to ensure appropriate access controls are implemented.
  • We provide firewall provisioning, deployment and management.
  • We upgrade and configure firewalls policies and patch management.
  • We conduct security event analysis and continuous appliance health check monitoring.
  • We manage device backup and restoration.
  • We provide in-depth reporting of events.
  • We supply firewall vendor support for hardware OS or Zero-day follow-ups including raising the case with support vendor.
  • We undertake any new projects requirements to change or add firewall rules.
  • BAU Firewall management including clean-up of firewall assurance can be made.
  • We implement and deploy separate Management Zone for greater security.
  • All your management support is encrypted for security.
  • We provide business hours’ support (9-5).


  • Easy to use

Our Web Application Firewall delivers a centralized management tool to manage any apparent threats or issues efficiently.

  • Real-time threat analysis

Web application data is continuously monitored within the organization. Any potential threat is immediately escalate based on its priority. This provides a systematic method to analyze and handle threats. This assures continuous protection of the organization’s network.

  • Highly customizable

CyberSecOn’s Web Application Firewall is easily customizable and can be scaled based on the ongoing changes and demands within an enterprise’s application environment. The firewall can be altered to deal with specific scenarios within an application.

  • In-depth reporting

Our firewalls scan the application network for a wide variety of threats and categories them based on the risk in agreement with company policies and compliances.

  • Enhanced performance

Our Web Application Firewall handles and identifies threats in real time. It is intelligent enough to automatically study threats and profile them to safeguard the organization’s network better.