Virtual Private Network


A VPN, or a Virtual Private Network, permits you to create a secure connection to your network over the Internet. More and more employees are increasingly logging onto your network and working remotely. Therefore, it is essential to forward all your network traffic through a secure channel.

CyberSecOn manages VPN for you. We provide flexible and reliable means for you to access your network securely. Maintaining a safe VPN service can be very resource intensive, and we at CyberSecOn understand your needs. As the number of employees logging onto your network remotely increases, there can be an additional burden as an IT manager in securing the network infrastructure.

CyberSecOn offers VPN as part of its security operations in the Managed Security Products. We source solutions from leading vendors around the world and configure them to meet your organization’s requirements. We make sure your resources are being used optimally to ensure that the flow of information in and out of your organization is secured. We offer options to manage access control policies, user databases, and authentication. We also handle encryption of your data using IPSec or AES protocols. We provide tools for performance monitoring and device configuration.

Our services include:

  • ¬†Setup and managing VPN for Remote Access Users (Staff)
  • Setup and manage VPN for 3rd Party access users.
  • Setup and manage site-to-site (IPSEC) VPN for partners.
  • Setup and manage SSL-based VPNs.
  • Setup and manage Risk-Based and Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • We implement, maintain, upgrade and update patches.
  • We monitor and troubleshoot any issues in the network.
  • Regular health check-ups of the network are performed, and a detailed report of findings is provided.
  • Necessary firewall rules for the organization and other services are configured.