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Virtual CISO

Our team of experienced professionals will provide you with top-notch Virtual-CISO services to protect your business from cyber threats. Risk evaluations and incident response are covered by CyberSecOn services.
Security Awareness

Design your security awareness program in-line with industry standards along with compliance and regulatory requirements. A vCISO backs your business with expertise and knowledge in security as it relates to your organization line of work.

Security Advisory

Every company deserves a dedicated CISO who understands their environment, industry, and needs. While the CISO role is a very important one, most companies cannot afford to have a full time CISO or might not want that role as part of their organization on a permanent basis. Our virtual CISO is part of your IT organization and will help with the below

Security Program Management

The vCISO will be a valuable contributor to all project development phases, able to offer guidance on security architecture design and requirements while ensuring that architecture meets industry best practices.

Additional Virtual CISO support includes

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