Small-Medium Biz


Cyber-crimes can have severe impacts on small to medium businesses. Although the attacks on smaller companies may not be as prominent as the big ones, they still do get attacked. The effect of such attacks can paralyze a small business.


There are plenty of small businesses and this gives attackers a huge market for exploitation. Small business also holds customer information and have options for credit card payments. This creates avenues for potential exploitation. CyberSecOn has your business covered with its comprehensive security solution.

Our services include:

  • Securing applications

We ensure applications sending data is protected with SSL certificates.

  • Threat management

We train your staff to determine potential risks and how to prevent it from compromising the company infrastructure.

  • Protection of sensitive data

We provide provisions to secure your confidential information and prevent it from any threats.

  • Testing your infrastructure

We conduct penetration testing of your infrastructure to identify any vulnerabilities.

  • Network Control

We provide you options to manage devices connected to the network to ensure that they follow ISM/PSPF compliance.

  • Firewall protection

We set up firewalls to protect your organization from potential threats to your applications.

  • Secure Web Gateway

We ensure safe access to the internet while making sure compliance is met.

  • Security Training

We teach your staff how to be aware of potential risks and the best practices to follow to avoid certain types of risks. Instructing them to follow good password management techniques and developing the safe use of applications on the Internet can help prevent additional threats.