Security Projects


CyberSecOn provides expertise in managing security projects in the three core security areas: risk management, software and hardware security and security process and control. Our services of risk management aim to minimize and manage the risks to your business in terms of intellectual property, company assets and external threats. Software and hardware security measures should be undertaken with an explicit understanding of potential risks and of how security solutions depend on the nature of the project infrastructure in order to minimize project delays.


Our team specializes in providing clients with high-level knowledge of administering security projects. We work according to your business needs and ideal technical design that best suits the needs of your company. CyberSecOn utilizes a distinctive incorporation of security management skills of risk assessment, security analysis skills and project management. Security projects undertaken by CyberSecOn have the right balance of security policies, standards and processes that are vital to an effective security management system.

Our services include:

  • We utilize vulnerability detection methods such as software selection, process enhancement, scoping and project management.
  • We provide services to plan and manage public key infrastructure hardware and software rollout along with certificate management.
  • We provide analysis for business and project management to determine data loss detection. This analysis includes process mapping and enhancement and requirements analysis.
  • We provide privileged access control.
  • We implement user account management software, identity management and business analysis management.


  • Project management

We overlook the implementation of new hardware, software, policies, standards and processes.

  • Business analysis

Our team performs a thorough analysis of security process and control, stakeholder requirements and maintaining implemented solutions.

  • Change management

We efficiently predict the rate of change in business with respect to security projects to reduce risks and maximize productivity.