Security Programs


CyberSecOn has security programs that help clients design a suitable security strategy to deliver ideal results. These security programs prepare businesses to deal with security attacks and threats at any given moment. This reduces the time taken to prepare for deployment of security programs and strategies and achieve instant results. The security programs designed by CyberSecOn ensures the security design meets the client’s business needs and policies.


CyberSecOn works together with its clients to design a security program that manages a security strategy to administer the operational growth which helps attain business goals. We provide strategies that are vital for success and optimize the client’s business. Our consulting services educate clients on how to treat vulnerabilities, overcome security threats and monitor development in the business.

Our services include:

  • We utilize vulnerability detection methods such as software selection, process enhancement, scoping and project management.
  • We provide services to plan and manage public key infrastructure hardware and software rollout along with certificate management.
  • We provide analysis for business and project management to determine data loss detection. This analysis includes process mapping and enhancement and requirements analysis.
  • We provide privileged access control.
  • We implement user account management software, identity management and business analysis management.


  • Project management

We overlook the implementation of new hardware, software, policies, standards and processes.

  • Business analysis

Our team performs a thorough analysis of security process and control, stakeholder requirements and maintaining implemented solutions.

  • Change management

We efficiently predict the rate of change in business with respect to security projects to reduce risks and maximise productivity.