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Security information and event management (SIEM) are essential to any organisation with the amount of critical information travelling on the network these days. It is necessary to have a team of experts continuously monitoring and analysing the network. CyberSecOn provides SIEM services of the highest quality to safeguard your organization.


CyberSecOn provides a managed SIEM solution in the form of SIEM log management. This allows you to conduct your monitoring services. You will be notified when a threat is identified. We help maintain and manage your SIEM so that you can focus on other important tasks with your business.

Our services include:

  • We ensure your security meet compliance standards.
  • We scan and detect non-compliant installations with your internal network
  • We provide provisions for you to conduct your monitoring of the network.
  • We provide alerts to any defined threats to the network.
  • Engage IT support on vulnerability assessment scans.
  • We assisted in the implementation and maintained of the SIEM.
  • We offer periodic reviews to ensure compliance standards are followed.
  • We offer multiple deployment options.
  • We provide options for continuous monitoring of high-value security devices.
  • We set up other security related alerts specific to your organisation.


  • State-of-the-art Threat Management

Our SIEM is highly flexible and can be configured based on your organisation’s requirements. It manages a wide variety of vulnerabilities to obtain information and associate the risk with the threat.

  • In-depth Analysis

We provide options to filter information to comprehensive security information for the analysis of an event. This filters can be reused and saved for future convenience.

  • Compliance Ready

Our SIEM is made to ensure it follows all the compliance standards and meets audit needs. This ensures your organisation is better equipped to handle the threat.

  • Consolidated Reports

We provide a consolidated report of all the findings. Reports can be scheduled or run based on individual events.

  • Easy Maintenance

Our SIEM is easy to install and comes pre-packaged with customizable logs. Automatic updates ensure its readiness for any audit source.

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