Security Hardening/Baselines


With increased attacks on enterprise networks, it is quintessential to ensure that entirety of the infrastructure is safeguarded from all possible threats and attacks.

CyberSecOn’s process of base lining involves configuring the networks to make it consistent with industry level standard such as CIS benchmark and identifying the natural behavior of the network to distinguish then it from that of a malicious one. By configuring your systems, we make sure that only vital services are enabled and that security is given higher priority.

Through base lining, we identify the key areas of the network infrastructure that require hardening to lessen the risk of an attack. We undertake three areas of security hardening in operating systems, network and applications.

Our services include:

Operating System Hardening

  • We configure operating systems only to run vital services and avoid the others to improve performance.
  • We deliver ongoing patches and fixes to ensure operating systems are up to date.
  • We offer password management solution to enforce the usage of secure passwords.
  • We modify file permissions using access control lists to ensure that access to files and directories is controlled.
  • We also encrypt file systems to add additional protection of sensitive data.
  • We set up provisions to enable logging of all activities within operating systems as a precautionary measure.

Network Hardening

  • We update software and hardware with latest patches and fixes provided by the vendors to remain up to date with the latest protection against threats.
  • We protect routers and access points with a remote management software using strong passwords.
  • We remove non-essential services within the network to speed up the network itself and avoid additional areas for possible attacks.
  • We block any unused or unneeded ports in the network using a firewall.
  • We configure the highest possible security measures for wireless networks.
  • We take preventive measures to restrict parts of the network to avoid unauthorized access.

Application Hardening

  • We install and configure preventive measure to strength security defenses when installing applications.