Security Consulting

hipaCyberSecOn helps clients construct an efficient and secure system that ensures protection to the business’ infrastructure and operations. Our team provides solutions in areas of data protection, risk management, security process and control, identity and access management and incident planning and response. We use a proactive approach that helps our clients to maintain a high standard of compliance.


CyberSecOn provides security consulting for clients based on the latest information security threats that affect businesses. The solutions provided by our team covers a broad range of security consulting services that ensure your business will have a resilient security system to mitigate risk. We advise our clients on the best security program that suits their business’s needs to minimise, monitor and manage risks.

Our services include:

  • We provide a thorough and comprehensive assessment of a security solution suitable for our client’s needs.
  • We manage the installation and planning of a security project.
  • We prepare and analyse the technical specifications for a security project.
  • We create a risk management plan, security standards, policies and procedures.
  • We implement user account management software, identity management and business analysis management.


  • System Design

CyberSecOn helps construct a security system with a reasonable cost estimate.

  • Network Design

Our team designs an effective security infrastructure that increases operational productivity.

  • Risk Assessment

We help our clients analyze and understand risks associated with their business and ways to mitigate those risks.

  • Project management

We overlook the implementation of new hardware, software, policies, standards and processes.