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CyberSecon help our clients protect their Data and System availability with our security compliance and Security assessment programs.


In cybersecurity program assessment is a collective process where assessment services are designed to provide various organizations with assessments of tools, policies, procedures and processes.

Assessments are done to give a detailed breakdown of what is not in place and the necessary recommendations to help organizations improve the maturity of its cybersecurity program.

Internet is something that no organization can say “No” to. There is no business without the usage of internet. As the day to day consumption of internet goes higher! so does the number of risks and threats too. No System is safe once it’s in the wild. In recent days hackers proved to be more creative when it comes to weaponizing their attacks. No organization is ever safe on the internet and nobody is 100 percent secure. It’s Necessary that an organization constantly assesses its security programs and built network architecture. Security is something which must not be subjected to lethargy.

CyberSecon helps you reduce your worries by frequent assessment of the installed security programs and compliances.

Our Services Include:

  • Architecture Assessment: The prime aim of this assessment is to evaluate the maturity of various components of an organizations Information Security Program
  • External Security Assessment: The Goal of this assessment is to evaluate the overall security of an Organization.
  • Internal Security Assessment: The goal here is to Identify the potential threats from insiders and other trusted parties.
  • Wireless Security Validation: The focus here is to Identify and notify all the wireless access points that grants access to certain networks or any other specifics associated with that network.
  • Information security Assessment: Various Information Security policies and procedures are reviewed to identify the client organization’s compliance with all applicable frameworks such as NIST, HIPAA, ISO, PCI, FISMA, etc.,

Benefits of Security Compliance and Program Assessments

  • By Constant assessment of an organization’s security helps them to better understand the weaknesses and Identify risks at the earliest.
  • It helps Document progress being made to protect the organization.

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