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Security Compliance and Program Assessment

Security Compliance and Program Assessment play a crucial role in helping organisations establish and maintain robust security programs while ensuring regulatory compliance.


We at CyberSecOn recognize the need of keeping a robust security compliance program in place to safeguard the resources, information, and reputation of your company. Our services provide comprehensive evaluations to assess the effectiveness of your security controls, identify compliance gaps, and enhance your overall security posture. We provide ongoing support, guidance, and consulting services to help you address the identified compliance gaps and improve your overall security program.

Our services include

Compliance Assessment

We conduct thorough assessments to evaluate your organisation's compliance with industry-specific regulations, standards, and frameworks.

Program Management Evaluation

We evaluate the effectiveness of your security program management, including governance structures, policies, and strategic planning.

Security Policy and Procedure Review

We review your security policies and procedures to ensure they are comprehensive, up to date, and align with industry best practices.

Risk Management Assessment

We assess your organisation's risk management practices to identify potential vulnerabilities and evaluate the effectiveness of risk mitigation strategies.

Security Awareness and Training Evaluation

We evaluate the effectiveness of your security awareness and training programs to measure the level of employee awareness, engagement, and understanding of security best practices.

Incident Response Preparedness

We assess the readiness and effectiveness of your incident response plan and processes to ensure that your organisation can effectively respond to and recover from security incidents.

Vendor Risk Management

We review your processes for managing third-party vendor risks that includes evaluating your vendor assessment methodologies, contracts, and oversight mechanisms to ensure that your vendors adhere to adequate security controls.

Audit Report and Recommendations

We provide a detailed audit report that includes an overview of findings, compliance gaps, and recommendations for improvement.

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