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With growing security threats, businesses are now acknowledging the need for utilizing tools that enhance their security measures within the organization. Large enterprises require more than just security analysis tools. They need security analytics tools to investigate any security event further to obtain a comprehensive understanding.


CyberSecOn utilizes security analytics to gain additional information and obtain an in-depth analysis of the networks. Various events are correlated from distinct platforms to discover any potential threat or malicious activity. The security analytics tools supplement the already existing security applications. Thereby providing additional security by collecting information such as log and various event data across platforms and applications.

Our services include:

  • We identify and examine any security breaches and threats within your organization
  • The help you manage and set up security analytics tools
  • We aid you in examining various behaviors of applications within the system to identify what is normal.
  • We assist in creating alerts for different types of behaviors within applications across platforms.
  • We help manage security analytics tools across businesses and platforms.
  • With tools maintained by us, you can control and operate various events based on its threat to the firm.


  • Easy setup

Our team sets up the security analytics tools specific to your organisation’s needs. This allows you to determine threat events across platforms swiftly.

  • Automated threat detection

The security analytics tools are set up to discover any security events across platforms automatically to tackle and handle threats. Our team identifies the standard behaviour of applications across your networks and defines it to the tools.

  • Enhanced security

With security analytics tools, your organisation enhances its defence against threats. Critical data and systems are monitored for abnormal behaviour for added security.

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