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A secure code review supports organisations by identifying security risks. Remediating these risks can secure applications run with the network infrastructure. There are various security tools that are used to identify possible safety issues within large chunks of code. With the help of the tools and a code reviewer, an organisation can understand if the code can be exploitative or not.   


At CyberSecOn, our expert code reviewers use their expertise deploy a combination of smart automation and manually inspect the code to discover any possible security risks. With all the identified security risks, we offer training to provide you with guidance on how to tackle the issues irrespective of the platforms and languages used.

Our services include:

  • We conduct threat analysis potential risks and threats.
  • We determine the existing measures to handle threats and risks and provide a potential solution to counter them in the future.
  • We conduct both manual and automated tests to ensure all possible risks and loopholes are identified.
  • We provide comprehensive reports of the findings.
  • We assist you with mitigating the identified threats.
  • We conduct reassessments of the code reviews.


  • Identifying code review objectives.

We manage a threat model to understand better the application infrastructure being implemented. The identified vulnerability risks are categorised based on its level of risk, to take special precaution when reviewing the code.

  • Initial Scans

With the objectives identified, we perform scans on certain areas of applications architecture that are more likely to be vulnerable.

  • Perform code review

Then, our team of experts go through a checklist of most possible security risks and issues with the identified applications.

  • Reassess the code

This is the final step where we further enquire into the risks associated with application architecture. These pertain to threats related to security features of the application.

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