Risk Remediation

CyberSecOn performs risk remediation to manage projects for clients that have indefinite results and cannot be controlled. Often these type of projects have various risks associated with them and will lead to negative project results. Our team evaluates the remediation risk related to a system and develops a plan to mitigate these risks. Risk remediation is a vital part of managing business requirements, but it is acknowledged as a separate system for security program functions.


Our team uses innovative solutions to risk remediation by identifying unknown risks associated with remediation and termination of networks at risk. Based on the risk assessment conducted by our team, we perform risk remediation to bridge the gap between the present and the desired network.


Our services: 

  • We help our clients identify and understand the risks associated with your business
  • We assist clients with minimising vendor risk
  • We help clients tackle emerging risks
  • We provide new technologies to address risks associated to secure your network while being cost effective
  • Our consulting and services provide clients with a strong security infrastructure to protect against threats.
  • We provide assistance in prioritising risks that are introduced to your business by third party vendors that bring in threats and vulnerabilities.


  • Risk discovery
  • Threat assessment
  • Asset identification
  • Probability of risk occurrence
  • Risk mitigation