Risk Assessment and Management


Risk assessment is a process of analyzing possible risks that can be associated with a procedure, product or any activity. CyberSecOn assesses, evaluates found risks and treats these risks with our security consulting and services. The risk assessment provided by our team is customized to your business’s environment and helps your business stay ahead of any potential risks.


CyberSecOn’s risk assessment provides our client’s business with a roadmap to mitigate risks and assist with decision making. We help your organization establish a framework for adhering to various policies and standards. Our team performs a baseline risk assessment across various compliance systems. This assessment informs clients of their exposure to security risks, vulnerabilities and threats. We help you identify and mitigate risks to key assets like business requirements, policies and procedures.

Our services:

  • We help our clients identify and understand the risks associated with your business
  • We assist clients with minimizing vendor risk
  • We help clients tackle emerging risks
  • We provide new technologies to address risks associated to secure your network while being cost effective
  • Our consulting and services provide clients with a strong security infrastructure to protect against threats.
  • We provide assistance in prioritizing risks that are introduced to your business by third party vendors that bring in threats and vulnerabilities.


  • Risk discovery
  • Threat assessment
  • Asset identification
  • Probability of risk occurrence
  • Risk mitigation