retailRetailers have often been targets for their information of customers. One of the most frequent attacks is that on credit cards. There are compliances such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) in place to ensure proper standards are maintained for such events. Compliance standards such as PCI DSS are not only enough. A comprehensive data security program is necessary to protect today’s retail stores.


CyberSecOn provides retailers with a solution that takes care of their compliance and security needs of critical data. We assist you in protecting your company from potential threats. We undertake a broad range of services such as raising security or rolling out new technology while ensuring compliance.

Our services include:

  • Centralized management

We provide a centralized management console for controlling and ensuring that PCI compliance is being maintained and for management of the security programs

  • Knowledgeable staff

Our team of experts are certified by the PCI Council. We are equipped to handle any concerns of yours to ensure your organization maintains and follows compliance.

  • Compliance-ready security product bundles

CyberSecOn utilizes the finest security products to streamline the process of obtaining and keeping compliance. These products help your organization defend itself from possible threats.

  • Complete PCI Services

CyberSecOn provides a whole span of PCI services such as point-to-point encryption, payment application security standard, PCI forensic investigation and vendor scanning.

  • Up-to-date threat management

CyberSecOn monitors the latest security threats around the world to provide updates and ensure that the most recent PCI compliance is met so that your organization can be better protected.

  • 24/7 Support

Our team of experts are available to support you 24/7. Our staff has undergone extensive training to assist organisations in setting up and maintaining PCI compliance of all sizes.