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Red Team Engagements

Our Red Teaming allows your organization to be more offensive and follow a proactive approach towards securing your organization.

Decades back security teams focused heavily on assessing vulnerabilities and performingpenetration testing of the organizations websites and networks to Identify gaps and apply fixes that are necessary.Times have changed, In the current scenario those measures are less efficient. An Organization needs to be more proactive in its approach to security.

Our Red Teaming

CyberSecOn provides our customers with unique Red Team Engagements (RTE). We mimic real time attack over the organization just like real threat actors.

Our services include Logical Security, Physical Security and Personal Security Awareness.

Our Red Team Engagement (RTA)

  • Understand the amount of effort needed to compromise or breach the assets and end systems in your organization.
  • Customized services based on client requirements
  • Identify the weaknesses in your security.
  • Fastening your response to incidents and events.
  • Give you strategic recommendations for long term improvement.
  • Give you factual risk analysis through which you can identify the critical flaws in your environment.
  • Give you the experience of responding to a real-world breach without much panic.

Attack Lifecyle

Our methods allow clients to improve their detection of attacks as well as defense against various threat actors.

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