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Our teams of professionals are hand-picked with multiple years of experience in specific areas of service. Our consultants have experience in various business verticals such as Utility/energy, Banking, Government, Health Care, Logistics, Retail, Industrial and Small- Medium sized businesses. Our highly qualified team of security professionals have helped prevent, remediate and protect multiple organizations from every day threats and in the process saved millions of dollars for the companies.

Our professional services falls across these broad areas:

  • Assessment
  • Security Implementation
  • Migration
  • Security Project Management
  • Security Operations Consulting

Assessment Service:

  • Our team of security experts determine your current risk posture by comparing with leading practices and compliance requirements.
  • Our team reconciles current controls with your appetite for risk.
  • We interview stake holders and work with your IT security department, Infrastructure department to document existing controls and security efforts.
  • Our team Identifies and quantifies risks to your information assets.
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current defenses.
  • Our suite of assessment tools help us understand your current threat and vulnerability risks.
  • Reports generated help examine weaknesses from the perspective of the attacker.
  • Our assessment report will help align your IT risk management programs with your security and business goals.
  • As part of our assessment we also identify areas of operation where the risk to your organization may be too high, be it devices, network, personnel, applications.

Security Implementation Service:

Our security implementation services allows you to focus on what is more important to you, which is running your business. Based on the information collected from our Assessment exercise we help you develop.

  • Security Architecture
  • Implementation Plans
  • Validate
  • Integrate and
  • Migrate to new technologies

Our implementation services include:

  • Strategy and Road map: The strategy and roadmap are designed by CyberSecOn expert team to guarantee an excellent security program to improve
    organization information security practices and implement GRC solution. Design and implement incident management, patch and vulnerability management to reduce risk, effective security management visibility and metrics. Our team delivers products based on the target market of your business, its profile and the long-term vision of your company. We work closely with your team to construct a plan best suitable to your goals…read more
  • High Level Design: Identifying technical aspects of a security system can be challenging for businesses without technical expertise which is where
    CyberSecOn comes in. Our team uses a blueprint of our client’s network to design a high-level architecture to meet the business requirements and service needs of the client. A new high-level design helps achieve business objectives, identify protocols, standards and policies of the company, and also identify functional requirements…read more
  • Solution Design: Our team constructs a design that is simplified and offers a broad range of solutions to the company including integrating the solution design into the policies and standards of the business. CyberSecOn delivers solution design services regarding system deployment, network readiness, assistance in maintaining the solution design and integrating the design with the business environment…read more
  • Target State Architecture: We use the target state architecture as a general framework to meet the business requirements and service objectives. This architecture is tackled in segments by prioritizing business tasks based on the urgency of their security needs. CyberSecOn adopts the target state architecture to guide the business process to reach its target state via different segments…read more
  • Product Road Map: These roadmaps inform clients on potential changes to a product design in the future or a time frame for when the strategy should change to accommodate advances in the market. This roadmap can be used as a combined tool to compare business strategies with technological resources…read more
  • Cloud Security Design and Architecture: CyberSecOn works with its clients to determine a combination of security processes and technical requirements that utilize a cloud environment to secure its assets and achieve business goals. Our team helps clients implement the necessary tools and procedures to streamline admittance between cloud and business applications. The cloud security design and architecture provided by CyberSecOn assists clients in assessing risks,
    security tolerance and identifying the appropriate level of security…read more

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