Policies and Standard Development


Security policies and standard development indicate the security measures associated with data within a network environment. This allows for easier control and management of information security. Employees are presented with these policies to understand the appropriate methods of usage in order to avoid any security breaches.


CyberSecOn provides solutions to handle security policies and standard development within an organisation. We review and modify any already existing policies so as to improve safety. We make sure the security policies are in line with the various compliance standards.

Our services include:

  • We train members of staff with the responsibilities and duties associated with IT security.
  • We modify any existing security policies that require hardening.
  • We verify the current security policies for appropriateness with existing infrastructure.
  • We ensure the organisation has an official guideline when it comes to setting up and securing systems within the network.
  • We find appropriate policies and standards associated with the type of information and systems the organisation works with.
  • With the help of implementing security policies and standard development, your management can ensure the right heedfulness has been taken with implementing security measures.

Without having appropriate security policies, organisations are inclined to implementing inappropriate security measures. This leads to potential threats that can be exploited when in the hands of malicious users. This can make discovering these threats extremely complicated.