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Phishing Simulations

More than 90% of the cyber attacks and data breaches occurs due to the phishing emails as employees are unable to differentiate between malicious and legitimate emails.


The attacker tricks the victim to click a link of a fake website which looks genuine and persuade them to enter their personal information such as usernames, passwords, bank details, etc. Every employee of the organization must learn about phishing attacks to protect themselves from it

CyberSecOn works with its clients to understand their organization’s business context and cybersecurity risk profile. Our team can conduct a user security awareness assessment through a phishing campaign with custom templates to suite your business environment. We monitor and review the report generated by phishing simulation exercise which give information about the number of employees

Then we update the organization’s management by showing the phishing campaign statistics and how the organization is dealing in terms of cybersecurity awareness. The portal is also shared with the client to see the actual campaign details for transparency.

Key benefits

Educate employees

CyberSecOn educates and trains employees by providing interactive online or offline training contents in order to be aware of phishing emails and what to look out for when it comes to such attacks. We customise the learning motives and integrate in their LMS with SCORM compliant.

Security Protection

CyberSecOn deploys advanced network security solutions, encompassing both web and email security protocols to fortify your domain's defenses.

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