Network Vulnerability Scanning

Having a network vulnerability scanner ensures the safety of various applications and systems in the network. It is critical to safeguard all the resources within an enterprise network and rectify any known vulnerabilities.


CyberSecOn delivers a solution that allows you to manage and protect your company network from vulnerabilities. We offer detailed reports and methods to fix vulnerabilities in your network. Our system delivers highly efficient scans of your network to detect all sorts of vulnerabilities and prioritises based on its severity. We make certain to follow compliances.



Our services include:

  • We provide on-demand scanning of network infrastructure, servers and hosts/guest OS.
  • We provide guidance and remediation with risk and compliance reporting.
  • We identify vulnerabilities and check for false positives to satisfy regulatory requirements and compliance requirements by performing regular scans and mitigate the risks.
  • We authenticate scans for Windows and *Nix OS
  • We run non-intrusive scans.
  • Engage IT support on vulnerability assessment scans.
  • We examine and scan networks, network devices, IP range, Operating System, Virtual Hosts, Databases for vulnerabilities.
  • We undertake web application scanning.
  • We carry out compliance audit scanning.


Structured scanning

Our solution can be configured to run tests at regular intervals or based on your business needs. With regular scanning, vulnerabilities across the network can be identified. We also offer choices to schedule a testing.

In-depth reporting

We provide comprehensive reporting of vulnerabilities detected in the network. This can help your organisation track vulnerabilities and identify their changes over time so as to effectively fix the issue.

Comprehensive risk assessment

We are equipped to provide a complete risk assessment with a full view of the risk exposure across the enterprise network.

Context-driven Scanning

Our tools work with operating systems and protocols to prey the vulnerabilities in the network head-on. This shortens the time taken to scan the entire network completely.