Multi-Factor Authentication


Hardware-based tokens have been used as a standard for a secure multiple-factor authentication for a prolonged period. Deployment and managing such traditional solutions can be quite resource intensive. CyberSecOn delivers a solution that provides seamless management of flexible authentication methods in a cloud-based delivery requiring self-service administration. Our economic solution with low upkeep provides support for a broad range of cases such as authentication in networks and applications from personal devices to remote locations.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a type of security system in which the user is granted access only after presenting more than one method of authentication to verify user’s identity. The goal here is to make the stronger defensive layer by adding at least two independent methods of authentication. Thereby making it more difficult for an unauthorized person to gain computer access control. Even if one method of authentication has been compromised, the attacker needs to break through at least one more barrier to successfully break into the system.

The principle argument for the use of multiple authentication factors by CyberSecOn is based because an attacker is unlikely to supply all the elements required for access. Even if the attacker provides one of the factors incorrectly, then the user’s identity will not be verified, and hence authentication will be denied. Various authentication factors for multi-factor authentication scheme usually include biometrics (fingerprint scan, iris scan, etc.) and user specific passwords and pin.


  • Straightforward management

Since our solution is cloud-based, maintenance can be carried out from anywhere on the network with minimal administrative support.

  • Economic solution

Our low-priced solution means that a secure authentication can be obtained at a fragment of the cost of that of traditional hardware-based solutions.

  • Comprehensive compliance

Our solution meets the latest access control requirements of compliance with mandates.