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There has been an increase in mobile access from smartphones and tablets in getting work done off late. This can make sensitive information vulnerable to attacks. With this recent growth, it is essential to consider an alternative implementation of securing information.


CyberSecOn provides a platform for organisations to secure mobile device management. Our solution offers ceaseless protection for device communication between various applications and data sent through the network. Our comprehensive solution ensures safer solution in securing mobile devices.

Our services include:

  • We provide remote monitoring features.
  • We integrate mobile device application and management.
  • We design, build and implement mobility services with your organisation network.
  • We offer easy control setups for BYOD.
  • We enable deployment of apps securely to mobile devices.
  • We provide access controls and device management.


  • Ease of use

Our MDM/MDA system has a simple installation and configuration of device management system.

  • Highly customizable

Our solution comes with pre-packaged configurations. These configurations can be customised for deployment of apps based on company policies and requirements.

  • Real time monitoring

Our MDM/MDA infrastructure scans and scrutinises an organisations network to discover any likely vulnerable device. Based on its findings, our solution can rebuild the configurations to offer maximum protection against threats.

  • In-depth reporting

Obtain a comprehensive analysis of the various devices found with potential risks associated with a threat. The threat can be further analysed to obtain vital information to fix the issue.

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