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Managed Security Services

CyberSecOn team provides security consulting advisory, IT Projects and Program Management, Security Architecture Design and Solution, Cloud and On-Premise Security, Implementation and Troubleshooting, Manage and Monitor, Training and Support.
Security Operations

We know that needs of organizations are different, and that’s why our services are designed for that kind of flexibility

Security Code Review

Our secure code review supports organizations by identifying security risks. Remediating these risks can secure

4 Phase – Penetration Testing

Our penetration testing differs from our competitors because we use a phased approach. Our 4 phase test is highly

Vulnerability Management

CyberSecOn carries out a broad range of security testing to find vulnerabilities in your network.

Internet of Thing (IoT) Security

With the sudden inflow of devices connected to the network, the security associated

Advanced Threat Management

Our experts work with your IT teams and help develop security policies and standards.

Policies and Standards Development

CyberSecOn carries out a broad range of security testing to find vulnerabilities in your network.


CyberSecOn recognizes that DNS/DNSSEC serve as the foundation for any enterprises’

MKPI – Certificate Management

CyberSecOn provides a robust and scalable service to manage the massive amounts of SSL

Mobile Device Management (MDM/MDA)

Our solution comes with pre-packaged configurations.

Forensics and device Analysis

With hundreds of devices connected to the internet, your organization is at risk of data loss stored on these devices.

Security Analytics cockpit

Consider this service as the central command dashboard, our analytics tool setup will allow your organization

Intrusion Prevention and Detection

CyberSecOn provides dedicated engineering expertise that ensures