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Security Operations:

We know that needs of organizations are different, and that’s why our services are designed for that kind of flexibility, and deliver just what you need – whether that’s helping you to install, configure and tune your solution so you can drive it, or managing a complete program for you, so you can focus on your business. Our security operations can scale up or down based on your needs…read more

Security Code Review:

Our secure code review supports organizations by identifying security risks. Remediating these risks can secure applications run with the network infrastructure. Our experts use various security tools to identify possible safety issues within large chunks of code. With the help of the tools and a code reviewer, we help organizations can understand if the code can be exploitative or not…read more

4 Phase – Penetration Testing:

Our penetration testing differs from our competitors because we use a phased approach. Our 4 phase test is highly sought out by clients as the phases include.

  • Reconnaissance – Obtaining information about the target network.
  • Probing and analysis of vulnerabilities.
  • Penetration of vulnerabilities to discover the level of risk.
  • Providing detailed reports with recommended strategies and suggestions…read more

Vulnerability Management:

CyberSecOn carries out a broad range of security testing to find vulnerabilities in your network. Based on the assessments you will receive a comprehensive report on how to tackle vulnerabilities across various applications, devices and network…read more

Internet of Thing (IoT) Security:

With the sudden inflow of devices connected to the network, the security associated with these devices become critical. We set up trusted products from our vendors so you can secure and monitor your IoT within your networks…read more

Advanced Threat Management:

CyberSecOn uses trusted vendor products to provide your organization with advanced threat management. We assist in decreasing any vulnerabilities within your network and databases. We also ensure your applications and gateways are secured adequately. The various security measures set up across the network work hand in hand to provide a complete and comprehensive barrier for protection against threats and attacks…read more

Policies and Standards Development:

Our experts work with your IT teams and help develop security policies and standards. If there are existing policies and standards we review and update them. We make sure that all these policies and standards are in line with various compliance standards…read more


CyberSecOn recognizes that DNS/DNSSEC serve as the foundation for any enterprises’ online presence. We build a robust and secure system that you can easily manage and maintain. We aim to simplify zone creation by providing straightforward import tools, automatic zone serial creation, and with multiple export options…read more

MKPI – Certificate Management:

CyberSecOn provides a robust and scalable service to manage the massive amounts of SSL certificate. The SSL certificates provided shields you by providing various encryption algorithms such as RSA, DSA, AES and ECC. We use a proven PKI infrastructure to help you keep a pace of your business with uncut uptime. Business continuity is maintained by the secure management of SSL certificate lifecycle on a central console with automatic renewals. Capability for reviewing and approval of certificate requests is provided…read more

Mobile Device Management (MDM/MDA):

Our solution comes with pre-packaged configurations. These configurations can be customized for deployment of apps based on company policies and requirements. Our MDM/MDA infrastructure scans and scrutinizes an organizations network to discover any likely vulnerable device. Based on its findings, our solution can rebuild the configurations to offer maximum protection against threats. We provide in-depth reporting on the data collected for further action…read more

Forensics and device Analysis:

With hundreds of devices connected to the internet, your organization is at risk of data loss stored on these devices. Our forensics experts provide you the comfort of preventing data loss by identifying the source and full extent of these breaches…read more

Security Analytics cockpit:

Consider this service as the central command dashboard, our analytics tool setup will allow your organization to visually identify breaches and threats at a glance across platforms…read more

Intrusion Prevention and Detection:

CyberSecOn provides dedicated engineering expertise that ensures IDS/IPS are properly tested and finetuned to the appropriate environment Our systems offer the most advanced technology installed at your network choke points, examining traffic passing through at the application layer. Our systems require zero capital investment with long-term reduced and predictable costs consequently making it ideal for our clients…read more

CyberSecOn support team offers 24/7 or 8×5 managed support (onsite/offshore), Over Phone and Email – as subscribed by the customer requests.

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