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It is necessary for Australian Government bodies to ensure that their IT systems are Information Security Manual (ISM) /Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) complaint. Managing ISM/PSPF compliance can be complicated. CyberSecOn can help you ensure that your businesses are ISM/PSPF compliant. We offer solutions for all possible scenarios of compliance. We support your businesses in maintaining compliance.


CyberSecOn provides a solution for organisations to secure their information technology systems. We ensure that the ISM/PSPF compliance is followed to protect critical information. We practice this through a security risk management approach, with a focus on fostering a positive culture of safety and security within the enterprise.

Our services include:

  • Continuous Monitoring

We ensure that all the information within your organisation is continuously monitored to ensure its integrity as per ISM/PSPF compliance.

  • Compliance-ready security product bundles

CyberSecOn utilises the finest security products to streamline the process of obtaining and keeping compliance. These products help your organisation defend itself from possible threats.

  • Secure Web Gateway

We ensure safe access to the internet while making sure compliance is met.

  • Protection of sensitive data

We provide provisions to secure your confidential information and prevent it from any threats.

  • Security event management

We assist you in obtaining a full visibility of your network by obtaining logs and monitoring all activities within the network to check for potential security events.

  • Firewall protection

We set up firewalls to protect your organisation from potential threats to your applications.

  • Testing your infrastructure

We conduct penetration testing of your infrastructure to identify any vulnerabilities.

  • Network Control

We provide you options to manage devices connected to the network to ensure that they follow ISM/PSPF compliance.

  • Threat management

We train your staff to determine potential risks and how to prevent it from compromising the company infrastructure.

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