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Intrusion prevention is the process of blocking an activity by observing its behavior and data. These events are prevented with the help of Network, Host, and Physical intrusion detection systems. Intrusion Detection is the process of detecting any malicious activity on a system that can compromise its confidentiality, integrity or availability.

CyberSecOn provides an efficient management of intrusion detection and prevention systems. These systems respond to incidents and intrusions. Our systems offer the most advanced technology at your network choke points, examining traffic passing through at the application layer. It monitors and blocks any data flows with a hostile objective.

We provide compliance support for regulations and industry compliance standards such as PCI, HIPAA, ISO, ISM/PSPF, etc. Our staff has deep expertise in compliance and can help you steer through any complexity you face. Our systems require zero capital investment with long-term reduced and predictable costs consequently making it ideal for our clients.

For systematic management of IDS/IPS, there is a constant need to fine tune and update. CyberSecOn has the dedicated expertise that ensures IDS/IPS are properly tested and fine-tuned to the appropriate environment which helps enable appropriate actions and responses to threats. This knowledge coupled with access to the latest global threat intelligence data helps tackle threats successfully from all fronts.


  • Our latest and renowned detection engine which enables your organization to control access inside the network, thereby securing your assets while providing a comprehensive inspection.
  • As our appliance works on the transparent Layer 2, your organization can comfortably change network-based assets without having the need to redesign the network, since there is no need for IP addresses nor routing changes.
  • We provide default groupings of targeted signature sets such as “Compliance over Security”, “Balanced” and “Security over Compliance” so as to meet the varying needs of the environment in which sensors are placed.
  • Our systems have 24×7 service event monitoring which quickly identifies evidence of any suspicious activity, and filters out false positives so that you are notified of genuine threats only.
  • The signatures are continually updated to intercept the ever changing   network-based threats and against zero-day attacks in particular cases.

Our services include:

  • CyberSecOn can deploy, analyse and configure an IDS based on your necessity.
  • We also provide ongoing management of your IDS by upgrading and updating the system.
  • We make sure the IDS provide the appropriate classifications and responses of threats.
  • We provide a clear and extensive documentation of actionable approach to risk handling.

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