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The Internet of Things (IoT) increases our daily productivity in various manners. Having a lot of everyday objects connected to the network can make it targets for attacks. Managing and securing all these objects can be a bit of an endeavour.


CyberSecOn assists you in securing your internet of things (IoT) ecosystem completely. With the sudden inflow of devices connected to the network, the security associated with these devices become critical. We set up trusted products from our vendors so you can secure and monitor your IoT within your networks.

Our services include:

  • We undertake security reviews of your products.
  • We test and harden security measures for your IoT devices.
  • We set up incident response services so the devices can alert in the case of any threats.
  • We test applications to find weaknesses when interacting with IoT devices within your networks.
  • We set up security measures to protect your critical information so as to reduce any risk of compromise.
  • We set up lock down measures of IoT devices in case of compromise.


  • Lessen IoT associated risks

We implement strategies to minimise the risk associated with the use of IoT devices with your network infrastructure.

  • Flexible set up

We make sure your IoT devices are safe and secure and are flexible to the growing needs of your business

  • Safe deployment of IoT devices

We ensure the IoT devices are set up correctly and securely to reduce any risk of potential threats.

  • Enhanced protection of critical data

We set up security measures to protect critical data related to IoT devices to ensure customer’s data are not breached.

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