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Industrial companies are facing various types of security threats and cyber espionage. Manufacturing companies are specially targeted to gain an advantage over their rivals. CyberSecOn provides a solution for such industrial enterprises to safeguard itself from such attacks.


Industrial companies that produce consumer goods and types of equipment are susceptible to theft of information about how their products are manufactured and produced, especially their in-demand products. With the rapid growth of competition between different rival companies, industrial enterprises should anticipate theft of intellectual property.


Securing Applications

We ensure applications sending data is protected with SSL certificates.

Threat Management

We train your staff to determine potential risks and how to prevent it from compromising the company infrastructure.

Protection of Sensitive Data

We provide provisions to secure your confidential information and prevent it from any threats.

Testing Your Infrastructure

We conduct penetration testing of your infrastructure to identify any vulnerabilities.

Compliance-ready Security Product Bundles

CyberSecOn utilises the finest security products to streamline the process of obtaining and keeping compliance. These products help your organization defend itself from possible threats.

Network Control

We provide you options to manage devices connected to the network to ensure that they follow ISM/PSPF compliance.

Secure Web Gateway

We ensure safe access to the internet while making sure compliance is met.

Firewall Protection

We set up firewalls to protect your organization from potential threats to your applications.

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