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Risk Assessment, Evaluation and Treatment

Nowadays, there are millions of devices connected to the internet. The data stored in these devices are subject to security breaches. It’s crucial for Companies to identify, respond and deal with consequences.


So, it’s wise for organizations to practice incident response plan that covers incident detection adding up with incident response. Appointing efficient strategies will result in effective response to unexpected incidents.
By combining Incident response with deep forensic analysis, Various Unpleasant cyber attacks and threats can be detected and addressed in the early stages.
CyberSecOn provides Incident Responses and Forensics analysis services which aid in resolving and comprehending any breaches with your organization’s network. It is essential to analyze the cause of this breach and suppress it. Our security consultants follow standard procedures to investigate the breach and provide detailed reports of the incident.

Our services include


Thorough investigation

We conduct a thorough investigation into your systems to identify if any breach has happened. We examine the source of the breach and the extent to with it has occurred.

Seize the threat

Our team then contains the threat and ensures that it does not compromise any system. While doing this, we preserve any evidence to the compromise.

Enhanced shielding

We ensure that the threat does not remove any further data from the systems. We secure the systems with necessary steps based on the investigation of the attack.

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