External Penetration Testing

Certain individual modules of an organisation’s network such as mail servers and websites are continuously exposed to various threats. External penetration testing inspects the external network for ways to exploit weaknesses in its security. Therefore, it is essential that organisations carry out external penetration tests to gauge the safety of their external network.


CyberSecOn conducts external penetration testing in your networks to gain access to your internal network. We try to expose the vulnerabilities in your servers to acquire admission into your internal network. By exposing the vulnerabilities and associated risks, your organisation can evaluate their current safeguarding methods and fix the causes for the issue. Our extensive testing techniques can help harden your existing security measures against possible attacks.

external penetrate

Our services include:

  • We ensure your security meet compliance standards.
  • We scan and detect non-compliant installations with your internal network
  • We provide a proof of exploitation for the vulnerabilities discovered.
  • We categorise the vulnerable assets based on their risks.
  • We detect vulnerabilities that may be used for malicious reasons.
  • We help cut costs by assisting in removing non-essential security layers.
  • We audit your security monitoring procedures
  • We test your incident response for appropriateness
  • We ensure there is your internal network is hardened to prevent any information leakage.


  • Comprehensive surveying

CyberSecOn carries out a comprehensive survey of your external network using a broad range of techniques. The information obtained from this survey serves as a basis for in-depth exploitation of the network.

  • Extensive testing

With the information obtained from surveying, we attempt to compromise the external network and try to gain access to critical information. This proves to be crucial for organisations in knowing how to secure their external network.

  • Thorough reporting

On finding the many vulnerable assets, we categorise them based on their level of risks. We offer to provide measures to harden security so as to prevent these vulnerabilities from existing.