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At CyberSecOn, we recognise that the digital world is constantly evolving, and with it, the landscape of cybersecurity threats is becoming sophisticated. That’s why we are on a relentless pursuit of pioneering minds to join our elite team of cybersecurity professionals. At CyberSecOn, you won’t just be filling a role, you will be an integral part of a dynamic team entrusted to secure digital assets and protect against cyber threats for our trusted clients and users. We offer an environment that champions innovation, encourages continual learning, and provides a pathway to cutting edge career development.

You will be working and armed with latest security technologies, a supportive community, and the opportunity to work on projects that actually make a difference.

If you are really passionate about cyber security and staying ahead of security risks, mastering new challenges, and making the digital world a safer place, then you are the talent we have been searching for, and would love to welcome you to CyberSecOn.

We are seeking talented individuals for the available positions below.

Senior Systems Engineer

As a Senior Systems Engineer, you will be responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining our advanced cybersecurity…

Cloud Engineer

As a Cloud Engineer, you will be instrumental in designing, implementing, and managing cloud infrastructure…

Security Operations Analyst

As a Security Operations Analyst, you will play a critical role in monitoring, analyzing, and responding to security incidents…

Trainee Security Engineer

As a Trainee Security Engineer, you will receive comprehensive training and mentorship to become a skilled cybersecurity…

Please send your CV or Resume to [email protected] for the suitable positions.