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Endpoint Security Protection

CyberSecOn provides an endpoint protection suite that is designed to enhance the manner of deployment and management of policies and in blocking malware on any system connection to the enterprise network delivered from the cloud. We verify endpoint security settings are correctly configured to give your organization maximum visibility and control.


CyberSecOn’s endpoint security protection provides a breed of premier products which offers a centralized solution to handle deployment, updates, scheduling, policy and management across platforms. Endpoint protection can only be fruitful if it is thorough and uncomplicated while dealing with a broad range of area of business. Along with easy adoption, it should be able to handle and manage threats and malware while enforcing policies and compliance.
CyberSecOn’s endpoint protection suite delivers by shrinking deployment time across devices connected to the network. The costs upfront are reduced significantly as the suite is offered via the cloud. CyberSecOn provides straightforward management of core aspects of endpoint protection leading to a substantial acquisition and peak defensive capabilities against threats.
CyberSecOn also offers security for mobile devices as part of the endpoint protection suite through their vendor products. We support both Android and iOS devices. We also aid customers to enhance their already implemented endpoint security protection.

Our Endpoint Protection Suite offers

Comprehensive solution

Our solution consolidates anti-virus and malware protection with policy imposition, and compliance management provides comprehensive protection for your users and data within the network.

Pruned Costs

Having the suite delivered over the cloud reduces the cost significantly due to lack of much on-site hardware.

Streamlined Security

An all-inclusive solution of anti-virus and malware protection accomplishes a well-regulated and troublesome handling of endpoint protection.


Over-the-Cloud Delivery

CyberSecOn provides an easy to use and troublesome installation of its endpoint protection suite as it is delivered over the cloud.


Claim control of your endpoints with real-time visibility of applications usage and policy based control of the applications running on your network. Our suite offers provisions to examine endpoints from mobile devices too.

Complete management

Obtain comprehensive reports from various endpoint activities based on preferences of your organization from a customizable dashboard.


We verify endpoint security settings are correctly configured to give your organization maximum visibility and control.


We ensure our malware detection follows PCI compliances and see to it that there is consistent reporting on file changes being made by malware, unauthorized users and Windows updates.

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