Email Security – AntiSpam


Emails continue to be the most favored tools for communication regardless of the various new emerging methods of communication. This often makes it a primary target for an attack. Apart from these attacks, an organization also needs to be mindful of confidential matters not going into the wrong hands. Such situations can have serious repercussions.

CyberSecOn provides a solution to take away the difficulties in securing an organization’s network from such email attacks. We deliver protection to your email gateway irrespective of the size of enterprise networks. Our solutions are scalable and can accommodate to the changing needs of your organization. With us securing your email gateway, you can guarantee high-quality safeguarding against threats.


CyberSecOn provides complete security of email gateways. Our solutions are vendor neutral and can easily be scaled to fit the needs of any organization. We provide you controls to restrict contents of email based on company policies. We employ encryption and anti-spam solutions to ensure maximum safety. Our solutions have you covered from all the major threats to prevent the leak of any confidential company information.

Our Services include:

  • We manage of email gateways.
  • We modify the email policies and gateway configurations to enhance security.
  • We offer options to whitelist and blacklist senders.
  • We enable Sender Policy Framework (SPF) for the domain and management of MX
  • We filter and customize your email filters to protect you from spam and viruses.


  • Comprehensive control of policies

Our gateway allows for highly flexible configurations to suit the various policies of an organization. We provide filtering of contents with an email to provide advanced protection against threats.

  • Advanced threat protection

Our secure email gateway provides advanced protections against potential threats by blocking evil-intentioned emails. We update the gateway constantly to handle the latest threats thrown at it.

  • In-depth reporting

We provide provisions to receive comprehensive reports of emails activities with the enterprise networks.

  • Flexible deployment options

We offer multiple deployment solutions of the email gateway server. We can set it up locally on-premises or via the cloud. Either way, we have you covered.