Database Security


These days, databases have become primary targets for attacks for malicious reasons. Attackers penetrate the various defensive layers to obtain critical user information and intellectual property. Even with all the preventive measures to protect their databases, most organizations fall victim to such attacks. CyberSecOn provides a service of scanning the current databases for any existing vulnerabilities and how to treat them and ensure the safety of the databases after that.


CyberSecOn provides a security platform that identifies and manages the databases with an enterprise. Our database security is designed on distributed architecture with a central management. It scans the databases for flaws and loopholes which could be used for malicious intent. It analyses the database and scans it continuously to monitor if there is any data leakage, unauthorized modification of data or any other potential threat.

With a distributed architecture, our database security helps organizations secure all their relational databases across their systems. Our database security solution is consistently made sure it is equipped to handle all the latest threats and vulnerabilities across different types of database servers.

Our Services include:

  • We discover new installations and develop security policies accordingly.
  • We perform penetration tests and audit policies for any violations
  • We provide a comprehensive reporting on the security of your databases.
  • We help scale to the growing demands of organizations with large databases.
  • We assist in creating multiple policies to adjust various businesses.
  • Our database security solution monitors for any suspicious behavior.
  • We help install our solution to your existing security features and company’s network infrastructure.
  • We provide security controls based on industry standards and compliances.
  • We provide patches and updates to offer you better safeguarding from threats


  • Real time monitoring

Our database security solution scans and scrutinizes an organizations database network to discover any likely vulnerable assets. Based on its findings, our solution can rebuild the configurations to offer maximum protection against threats.

  • Highly customizable

Our solution comes with pre-packaged configurations. These configurations can be customized based on company policies and requirements.

  • In-depth reporting

Obtain a comprehensive analysis of the various threats found with potential risks associated with this threat. The threat can be further analyzed to obtain vital information to fix the issue.