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Data Loss Prevention

CyberSecOn’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) services helps businesses safeguard their sensitive information while ensuring compliance with relevant regulations. The DLP security implementation offers robust content management features that enhance security without impeding essential business processes.


The exponential growth of data in today’s business landscape introduces complex challenges in safeguarding sensitive information within an organization. Coupled with the continually evolving IT infrastructures, these complexities only magnify. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) security solution addresses these issues by offering advanced detection and monitoring capabilities to ensure both the security of sensitive data and compliance with relevant regulations.
Our DLP is comes predefined with a set of policy settings and risk categories which can be activated based on the preference of the enterprise. Our solution permits the business to acquire a comprehensive visibility of all risks both internal and external while providing the capability of restraining any violation before it materializes.

Our services include

With our DLP services, you can guarantee the following:


Advanced shielding

Our DLP service scans all data for any violations of an organization’s governance, compliance and acceptable use policies.

State of the art content control

Our DLP service provides advanced content control without hindering any vital operations.

Effortless Management

Our DLP is equipped with a barrage of tools required to handle appropriate violations based on the findings.

Real-Time Scans

Our DLP is designed to conduct real-time scans to discover any violations in any event.

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