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Cyber Security Essential Eight Audit

The Essential Eight (E8) is a set of cybersecurity strategies developed by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) to mitigate the most common cyber threats. Conducting an audit based on the Essential Eight can help organizations assess their security posture and identify areas for improvement.


CyberSecOn recognizes the critical importance of implementing strong cybersecurity measures to protect your organization from evolving cyber threats. Our Cyber Security Essential 8 Audit Services provide comprehensive assessments based on the Essential Eight framework developed by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC). These audits evaluate your organization’s adherence to essential security controls and identify areas for improvement to enhance your cybersecurity posture.

The Essential Eight

The Essential Eight Maturity Model provides a framework to assess an organization’s cybersecurity posture based on the implementation and effectiveness of the Essential Eight strategies. CyberSecOn typically uses the following Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) developed a three-tier maturity model for the Essential Eight:

During the Essential Eight assessment, CyberSecOn evaluates the follow security controls:

Application Control

We assess the implementation and effectiveness of application whitelisting controls within your organization.

Patch Applications

We review your patch management practices to ensure that security patches are promptly applied across your systems and applications.

Configure Microsoft Office Macro Settings

We evaluate the configuration of Microsoft Office macro settings to mitigate the risk of macro-based malware attacks.

User Application Hardening

We assess the hardening measures applied to user applications, such as web browsers and email clients, to protect against common attack vectors.

Restrict Administrative Privileges

We evaluate the management and control of administrative privileges within your organization by assessing the assignment and usage of administrative privileges.

Patch Operating Systems

We review your practices for patching operating systems to ensure that security updates are applied in a timely manner.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

We evaluate the implementation of multi-factor authentication as an additional layer of security for user authentication.

Daily Backups

We review your backup processes to ensure that critical data is backed up daily and can be restored in the event of data loss or system failures.

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