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Cloud Security:

We provide full blown security services for the cloud. Our services include

  • Guidance and remediation with risk and compliance reporting.
  • Regular scans to identify vulnerabilities and false positives and
  • reporting to satisfy regulatory requirements.
  • Scan networks, network devices, IP range, Operating System, Virtual Hosts, and databases for vulnerabilities.
  • Help cut costs by assisting in removing non-essential security layers.
  • We audit your security monitoring procedures.
  • We test your incident response for appropriateness…read more


Email Security:

CyberSecOn provides complete security of email gateways. Our solutions are vendor neutral and can easily be scaled to fit the needs of any organization. We provide you controls to restrict contents of email based on company policies. We employ encryption and anti-spam solutions to ensure maximum safety. Our solutions have you covered from all the major threats to prevent the leak of any confidential company information…read more

Wireless Security Assessment:

This service provides configuration and security review of wireless endpoint and infrastructure…read more

Password Complexity Validation:

CyberSecOn examines client provided file and performs password cracking attempts against client for purposes of identification of easy to guess or weak

Personnel Security:

e-mail and phone campaign allows us to identify weaknesses in employee
security with regards to email reception and actions executed as part of the campaign.

Social Engineering and Phishing:

Conduct simulated phishing campaigns to all staffs or group of staffs in an organization to identify user awareness to attacks and risks. Educate staffs and their awareness to improve the overall security of your organization.

Web Content Filters:

CyberSecOn provides a secure web gateway that blocks access to malware infected websites and usage of high-risk applications by providing realtime URL
updates from cloud-based categorization. Our filter updates block access to millions of malware and phishing websites. We regularly update antivirus signatures from the global network of sensors and industry’s best malware feeds to prevent infections caused by malicious web downloads. This gateway heightens
operational efficiency.

  • A Single policy for control of unified application and URL filtering.
  • Intuitive event analysis utilizing granular reports and forensics tools.
  • Effortless deployment using dedicated appliances from branch office to large enterprise.

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