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A lot of organizations these days use cloud technology for their resources as it is cost efficient. With persistent threats and various security breaches around the world, it is necessary to ensure steps are taken to secure these resources. For this very purpose, security experts are required to set up safety measures such as SOCK protocols within the organization’s network infrastructure.


CyberSecOn provides cloud security solutions for various services within your organization. We determine the possible vulnerabilities and threats with the networks based on the services used by your organization. Based on the priority of categorization of these vulnerabilities, the extent of remediation is determined. These vulnerabilities are then repaired to provide you with the highest quality of security.

Our services include:

  • We provide guidance and remediation with risk and compliance reporting.
  • We identify vulnerabilities and check for false positives to satisfy regulatory requirements and compliance requirements by performing regular scans and mitigate the risks.
  • We examine and scan networks, network devices, IP range, Operating System, Virtual Hosts, Databases for vulnerabilities.
  • We detect vulnerabilities that may be used for malicious reasons.
  • We help cut costs by assisting in removing non-essential security layers.
  • We audit your security monitoring procedures
  • We test your incident response for appropriateness
  • We ensure your security meet compliance standards.


  • Firewall Protection

We use a firewall to protect what information enters and leaves the networks to ensure utmost security. With our easy to install and configure firewalls, you can guarantee uninterrupted protection for your web applications.

  • Intrusion Prevention & Detection

CyberSecOn provides an efficient management of intrusion detection and prevention systems. These systems respond to incidents and intrusions. It monitors and blocks any data flows with a hostile objective.

  • Virtual private network protection

We make sure your resources are being used optimally to ensure that the flow of information in and out of your organization is secured.

  • Anti-virus protection

We use anti-virus systems to identify and prevent any threats and quarantine malicious files.

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