Application Vulnerability Scanning

CyberSecOn assists you by discovering potential risks in applications your business may be running. The application layer is one of the primary targets for attacks because of substantial vulnerabilities. Our solution scans your applications to find vulnerabilities and categorises them based on its severity.


CyberSecOn secures your applications from threats by scanning for vulnerabilities. Based on the priority of categorisation of these vulnerabilities, the extent of remediation is determined. These vulnerabilities are then repaired to provide you with the highest quality of security. Our application vulnerability scanner can run regular tests and monitor your applications for vulnerabilities.

vulnerablity scanning

Our services include:

  • We provide on-demand scanning of network infrastructure, servers and hosts/guest OS.
  • We provide guidance and remediation with risk and compliance reporting.
  • We identify vulnerabilities and check for false positives to satisfy regulatory requirements and compliance requirements by performing regular scans and mitigate the risks.
  • We authenticate scans for Windows and *Nix OS
  • We run non-intrusive scans.
  • Engage IT support on vulnerability assessment scans.
  • We examine and scan networks, network devices, IP range, Operating System, Virtual Hosts, Databases for vulnerabilities.
  • We undertake web application scanning.
  • We carry out compliance audit scanning.


  • Accurate scanning

Our team of experts can advise you on the depth of scanning required for the various applications run on your enterprise network.

  • Scan across multiple devices

Our scans can be carried out irrespective of the device it is being run on. It works across all platforms.

  • Flexible cost estimation

Our scans determine the extent to which a particular application needs to be tested. With this estimate, costs can be calculated and budgeted according to the company’s priorities.