Advanced Threat Management


Advanced threat management is critical for any organization. These days, attackers are equipped with complex and sophisticated tools to tackle security measures implemented within the networks. Complicated tools that are difficult to use are required to protect and safeguard organizations from such attacks. CyberSecOn provides such tools and serves your organization with the appropriate security for its network infrastructure.


CyberSecOn uses trusted vendor products to provide your organization with advanced threat management. We assist in decreasing any vulnerabilities within your network and databases. We also ensure your applications and gateways are secured adequately. The various security measures set up across the network work hand in hand to provide a complete and comprehensive barrier for protection against threats and attacks.

Our services include:

  • We secure applications by testing them for potential loopholes
  • We set up anti-virus and anti-malware services to protect your networks.
  • We setup multi-factor authentication to prevent unauthorised access to critical information within the organisation.
  • We put down threat analysis tools and endpoint protection measures to prevent and detect any illegal entry.
  • We ensure data loss prevention methods are put together to avoid the issue of loss of data.
  • We establish security information and event management measures within the organization to equip it to handle threats appropriately.


  • Comprehensive threat protection

CyberSecOn manages a broad range of tools to secure everything within your organization to ensure maximum safety against potential threats.

  • Centralized controls

We provide with an easy to use centralized console to manage all your security measures set within the network.

  • Efficient threat management

We scan your endpoints of the network and applications to ensure that the right tools are used to secure your network properly.