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Why CyberSecOn

Companies of all sizes entrust us with protecting their data, network and their business security based on our 20-plus years of expertise in cyber security. With our deep expertise in information security solutions, proactive support and multiple cyber security technologies we help clients stay protected and get the most from their current and new technology.

Customer Focussed Outcome

Our team is obsessive about helping customers to achieve their goals as we believe that our customer is at the heart of everything.

Quality of Service and Delivery

Our strong provider‐to‐customer relationships, professional service delivery meetings, sound administration and project management are the foundation of our quality delivery.

Maintain Integrity and Assurance

Our dynamic base-lining ensures your systems align to the most up-to-date, secure, and compliant state and our integrity check assures maintaining the consistency, accuracy, and trustworthiness of data over its entire life cycle.

Speed with Agile

Our goal is to produce the right set of features and solutions with maximum speed and precision. Instead of campaigning for a full scale budget, our agile process focuses on building out the right security solutions to get the most successful outcome.

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Managed Security Services

Cloud Services

Professional Services

Staff Augmentation and Training

The CyberSecOn Managed Security Solution for Enterprise Security

CyberSecOn offers the most robust, cutting-edge technology and reliable solutions for varied needs of enterprises, including network security, application security and data security. CyberSecOn enjoys a proven track record of serving many well-known names in the enterprise segment across various industries.

Security Architecture as Service

Our talented and experienced security architects make use of our customized templates derived from known security best practices to help create strategic cyber-security architecture.

Security Projects & Program Management

Our experienced managers ensure that processes and procedures are performed in compliance with the organization’s information security policies and standards to delivery quality outcomes.

Security Incident and Forensics Service

Our forensics and incident response solutions give you attack context, infrastructure visibility, rich intelligence from insights gained using deep analysis to help you take on world’s most gripping threats.

Cloud Security

Our cloud consulting and managed services help build your capabilities and get the expertise you need to further grow your cloud solutions or safeguard your cloud environments.

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Our enterprise GRC services includes a comprehensive mix of people and technology that allow you to anticipate, understand and manage risk in a holistic manner.

On-Premise / Hybrid /
Cloud Migrations

From strategy to migration, and operations, our years of experience in infrastructure operations and security helps organisations fill the talent gap and maximize the value of their cloud computing solutions.

CyberSecOn support team offers 24/7 or 8×5 managed support (onsite/offshore), Over Phone and Email – as subscribed by the customer requests.

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